2018.01.15 - President of ANAS acquainted with the process of English language examination for master’s degree students
2018.01.15 - A cleaning day was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2018.01.13 - Zoologiya İnstitutunda magistrantların qış imtahan sessiyası başlayıb
2018.01.12 - Leech reproduction technology is firstly being developed in the Institute of Zoology
2018.01.12 - Employees of the Applied Zoology Center have been in the expedition
2018.01.12 - Next meeting of Presidium of ANAS
2018.01.05 - A workshop was held in Institute of Zoology of ANAS dedicated to marble bug which is a source of danger for hazel nuts gardens
2017.12.28 - Students of the Faculty of Biology of Baku State University visited the Zoology Institute
2017.12.28 - An employee of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS conducted a monitoring in water reservoirs
2017.12.28 - Institute of Zoology intends to carry out joint research with Tyumen State University
2017.12.28 - Pupils got acquainted with the microscope at the Protozoology and Parasitology Laboratory
2017.12.26 - Practical lessons are held with the microscope at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2017.12.26 - Joint final Report of Biology and Medical Sciences Department and the Institute of Zoology
2017.12.26 - ANAS marked Academician Hasan Aliyev’s 110th universary
2017.12.26 - The staff of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS made a corporate visit to Shamakhi region
2017.12.25 - Presidium held next meeting