Main Scientific Directions

The main directions of scientific researches of the Institute of Zoology:


1.     The study of the animal kingdom of Azerbaijan;

2.     The investigation of the current situation of various groups of the animal kingdom;

3.     Defining the role of animals in various biosenozes;

4.     Preparation of biological bases of the cancellation of parasitic and natural focal diseases;

5.     The study of biodiversity of pathogens of parasitic diseases, intraspecific changes and ecological features;

6.     The study of interactions of pathogens of parasitic diseases in the host-parasite system; 

7.     The study of dynamics of insects’ numbers and their spreading regularities;

8.     Preparation of scientific and practical bases of biological protection of agricultural crops, regulation of the number of pests in biological methods;

9.     The study of hydro-fauna of water basins of Azerbaijan;

10.                       The study of biodiversity and ecological peculiarities of invertebrate animals living in water and soil biotopes;

11.                       Preparation of scientific bases of regulation of biological productivity in the Caspian Sea and Kur River.

12.                       Use of beneficial forms of them throughout defining of biology and ecology of vertebrate animals, preparation of scientific bases of the fight against harmful forms;

13.                       Increasing of endangered and rare species of fish in the conditions of aquaculture;

14.                       Use of methods of molecular biological research and space research, information technologiesin the study of animal kingdom of Azerbaijan.