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The next meeting of the Defence Council of the Institute of Zoology has been held

The next meeting of the Defence Council has been held on 04.03.2016 in the Institute of Zoology (ANAS). Chief of the Laboratory of Helmintology, PhD in biology Qara Fataliyev's report of the dissertation work for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences on "Ways of formation and the bioecological features of the helminth fauna of wild mammals (rodents, rabbits, Predators, artiodactyls) of Azerbaijan" has been heard.

As the first time in Azerbaijan, during the period of 1981-2015, bioecological features of helminth fauna of wild mammals on all natural regions and ways of their formation have been studied by Kh.Fataliyev. During the research, 1415 wild mammals in landscape-ecological zones with different characteristics have been researched and from them have been found 144 species of helminth.

Results of the work will be used in teaching subject of parasitology, in the preparation of preventive measures to combat against epidemiological and epizootological important pathogens of helminthiasis, in order to preserve the diversity of species of wild mammals.