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A valuable contribution to microbiology science

The monograph "Ecological situation of Baku city soil and ways to improve it", co-authored by the head of Laboratory of Soil Microbiology of the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS, PhD in biology Samira Najafova and chief researcher of the laboratory, Professor Nariman Ismayilov has been published in Russia.

The new edition assesses the ecological status of Baku's major oil and gas extraction, engineering, metallurgical industrial complex and uses ways to improve its biological characteristics by using secondary regional bioresources.

The reviewers of the book are academician Maharram Babayev and correspondent member of ANAS Amin Ismayilov.

The monograph is intended for environmental protection specialists, as well as specialists in the preparation of reclamation and greenery projects in urban areas, microbiologists, soil scientists, environmental scientists and a wide range of readers.