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Report of Aghsu Support Point was announced

5 hectares of Agsu Experimental Support Point of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS were cleaned and fenced at the beginning of 2017. 7 hectares of land considered for gardening was trenched with excavator. The artesian well was drilled in the courtyard of the station, a 10-kilowatt power line was laid for power supply, a transformer substation of 160 kilovolt was installed, an artesian, a management building and auxiliary buildings were supplied with energy.

7 hectares of gardens, 1 hectare of grapes, and 1 hectare of pomegranate are planted. In the remaining 4 ha, hazelnut trees have been planted. 4500 kg of potatoes harvested from 0.40 hectares and 500 kg of garlic from 0.10 hectares of land.

43 hectares of land were planted and 42765 kilograms were harvested in the autumn of 2016. From which 21465 kg of barley and 21300 kg of wheat were obtained.

1,000 mulberry trees were planted and grown in the yard. Total 300 kilograms of bees have been harvested from 52 bee families kept at the station. Sugar beet was planted on 25 hectares, and 110000 kg of harvest was harvested and transferred to Imishli Sugar Factory. 36 hectares of land have been plowed for autumn sowing and 30 hectares will be plowed.

6 greenhouses with a size of 20x8 have been installed in the area and they are ready for planting. Two more greenhouses are under installation.