2018.02.09 - II Special Department held next seminar
2018.02.07 - Light memory of the prominent scientist, Academician Jalal Aliyev honored
2018.02.07 - The 100th anniversary of the outstanding Azerbaijani composer Kara Karaev was solemnly celebrated
2018.02.07 - ANAS Chairman of the Free Trade Union took part in the I Professor Forum in Russia
2018.02.05 - Members of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of ANAS visited the soldiers
2018.02.05 - The next meeting of the Board of Experts of ANAS High Technologies Park
2018.02.05 - An event dedicated to the Youth Day was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2018.02.05 - Special attention is paid to the development of young scientists in our country
2018.02.05 - Young Scientists and Specialists Council of ANAS reported
2018.02.02 - Competition for the "Golden medal named after Nizami Ganjavi of Azerbaijan Republic" and the prizes of ANAS for 2018 announced
2018.02.02 - Report of Department of Biology and Medical Sciences
2018.02.02 - Meeting with winners of "My First Grant" competition
2018.01.31 - AMEA ilə Fransanın Montpelliye Universiteti arasında əməkdaşlıq perspektivləri müzakirə olunub
2018.01.31 - Members of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists visited the High Tech Park
2018.01.29 - The employee of the Applied Zoology Center defended the dissertation work
2018.01.29 - Vegetable crops were grown at the Aghsu Practice Support Point of Zoology Institute