2018.09.07 - Director of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, Elman Yusifov was awarded with Honorary Diploma “Sharafli Omur” (“Honorable Life”)
2018.09.05 - II Special Division held a training workshop on measures taken during emergencies
2018.09.03 - German scientist visited Institute of Genetic Resources
2018.08.31 - Flak jacket and accessories were presented at ANAS High Technology Park
2018.08.30 - Azerbaijani scientists attended the event devoted to 70th anniversary of the Tabriz University
2018.08.24 - The current state of a natural and cultural dendroflora of Azerbaijan northwest regions investigated
2018.08.21 - Azerbaijani scientists have been in scientific work in Iran
2018.08.13 - Vice-President of ANAS held several meetings in Mongolia
2018.08.06 - An employee of the Institute of Zoology participated in the fourth literary evening "Dual-wing" held within the framework of the Fourth Conference "Physics and Lyrics"
2018.07.20 - Organized a scientific seminar jointly with Bulgarian scientists within the framework of the European Commission's “Horizon: 2020” program
2018.07.19 - An employee of the Institute of Zoology was at the business tripin Hungary
2018.07.19 - Employees of the Institute of Zoology conducted Ornithological monitoring
2018.07.19 - Wide discussions on joint project competition at ANAS
2018.07.18 - Central Scientific Library awarded media representatives with the National Press Day
2018.07.13 - Employees of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS participated in "Osmaneli Nature Education Training" in Turkey
2018.07.13 - Establishes relation between ANAS and the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research of Iran