2017.11.21 - The report of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists and three departments of the Zoology Institute was listened
2017.11.21 - An outstanding scientist Khudu Mammadov’s 90th anniversary celebrated
2017.11.21 - Discussion of the dissertation of the employee of the Dry Vertebrates Laboratory was held at the Scientific Workshop of the Dissertation Council
2017.11.20 - VII Congress of ANAS United Trade Union Committee held
2017.11.17 - Annual Reports of the Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Dry Invertebrates were discussed at the meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2017.11.17 - ANAS celebrated the anniversary of prominent scientist Kerim Kerimov’s 100th
2017.11.16 - AMEA Zoologiya İnstitutunun professoru "İlin alimi" mükafına layiq görülüb
2017.11.16 - Employee of the Applied Zoology Center had a business trip to Turkey for studying the bee diseases
2017.11.16 - Report of Aghsu Support Point was announced
2017.11.16 - Report of the Hydrobiology Laboratory was discussed
2017.11.16 - "Deniz" kindergarten collective was in the excursion at the Zoological Museum
2017.11.16 - Next meeting of the Presidium held
2017.11.16 - Institute of Zoology of ANAS has been granted the right to use of the virtual machines of AzScienceNet network
2017.11.16 - Director of the Institute of Zoology Elman Yusifov met with members of the Institute of Young Scientists and Specialists
2017.11.16 - New research works have been launched at the Institute of Zoology to combat pests
2017.11.16 - The employees of the Hydrobiology Laboratory visited the expedition at Takhtakorpu water reservoir