2019.01.03 - Employees of the Institute of Zoology were awarded with the diploma for the best idea at the II Republican Scientific and Creative Contest "There is an Idea!"
2019.01.03 - Researcher of the Institute of Physiology awarded the M.V.Lomonosov Medal
2018.12.27 - Joint meeting of Scientific Council of Biological and Medical Sciences Division and Lankaran Regional Scientific Center
2018.12.20 - ANAS Presidium Free Trade Union held next meeting
2018.12.19 - Roundtable on "The Role of Mass Media in Popularization of Science" was held
2018.12.19 - Discussed annual reports of the ANAS Young Scientists and Specialists Council
2018.12.17 - The next litter pick was held at the Institute of Zoology
2018.12.17 - ANAS held international conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician Jalal Aliyev
2018.12.14 - Institute for Zoology once again distributed high quality fish produced in artificial lakes among employee
2018.12.12 - A reporting session on scientific and scientific-organizational activities of Institute of Zoology has been held
2018.12.11 - The next meeting of the Scientific Council on Biological Problems
2018.12.06 - Biological and Medical Sciences Division holds Bureau meeting
2018.12.04 - An employee of Azercosmos JSC visited the Institute of Zoology
2018.12.04 - Board of Directors of ANAS Scientific Institutions holds a meeting
2018.11.29 - A Russian scientist visited the Institute of Zoology
2018.11.29 - Institute of Zoology and Dendrology of ANAS is to conduct joint researches