2017.10.11 - ANAS held next meeting of Presidium
2017.10.10 - Zoological Museum began its business activity
2017.10.05 - Held the next meeting of the Board of Experts of ANAS High Technologies Park
2017.10.03 - A workshop was held in the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2017.10.02 - The next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2017.09.27 - Zoologiya İnstitutu şəkər çuğundurunun yığımına başlayıb
2017.09.23 - ANAS held opening of the "Guest House"
2017.09.21 - Next bureau assembly of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences
2017.09.19 - The employee of the laboratory of dry vertebrates was in the expedition in the South-East region of Azerbaijan
2017.09.19 - Amultiplication technology of medical leech is developed in laboratory conditionsfirstlyat the Applied Zoology Center in the Republic
2017.09.19 - The discussion of doctoral dissertation was held at the scientific workshop of the employee of Hydrobiology Laboratory
2017.09.19 - The first meeting of Applied Zoological Center was held
2017.09.15 - The next report-election meeting of the Trade Union of Institute of Zoology of ANAS was held
2017.09.15 - A meeting was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS devoted to the 15th day of September –the Knowledge Day
2017.09.13 - Italian scientist visited Institute of Genetic Resources of ANAS
2017.09.13 - Ambassador of Italy to Azerbaijan visited ANAS Presidium