2017.11.16 - Report of the Hydrobiology Laboratory was discussed
2017.11.16 - "Deniz" kindergarten collective was in the excursion at the Zoological Museum
2017.11.16 - Next meeting of the Presidium held
2017.11.16 - Institute of Zoology of ANAS has been granted the right to use of the virtual machines of AzScienceNet network
2017.11.16 - Director of the Institute of Zoology Elman Yusifov met with members of the Institute of Young Scientists and Specialists
2017.11.16 - New research works have been launched at the Institute of Zoology to combat pests
2017.11.16 - The employees of the Hydrobiology Laboratory visited the expedition at Takhtakorpu water reservoir
2017.11.16 - The last stage of the competition "Our native language is our national value" held
2017.11.16 - Held a meeting on the implementation of the State Program "Azerbaijani Youth in 2017-2021"
2017.11.16 - Dissertation work defense of the employee of the Applied Zoology Center
2017.11.16 - Zoology Institute distributes high-quality first-class fish from artificial lakes to workers
2017.11.16 - Institute of Zoology of ANAS has provided the next food aid to its employees
2017.11.14 - The chairman of the Young Scientists and Specialists Council attends an international conference in Belarus
2017.11.14 - Held the meeting of the United Veterans Council of ANAS
2017.11.14 - Academician Ahliman Amiraslanov awarded the honorary title of Honored Scientist of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation
2017.11.14 - "Corner of Science" opened at the Educational Complex after Heydar Aliyev