2017.11.14 - Held the meeting of the United Veterans Council of ANAS
2017.11.14 - Academician Ahliman Amiraslanov awarded the honorary title of Honored Scientist of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation
2017.11.14 - "Corner of Science" opened at the Educational Complex after Heydar Aliyev
2017.11.14 - Employees of the Institute of Zoology participated in a training on oil contaminated animals
2017.11.14 - Cytogenetic studies have firstly been launched on reptiles in the Institute of Zoology
2017.11.14 - One year has passed since the establishment of ANAS High Technologies Park
2017.11.14 - Pupils went on an excursion to the Zoological Museum of the Institute of Zoology
2017.11.14 - "Small Academies" will transform today's talented student into a creative scientist of the future
2017.11.14 - A Guba resident applied to the Institute of Zoology in order to detect parasites
2017.11.14 - The pests of citrus fruits are investigated in the Applied Zoology Center
2017.11.14 - Defense of dissertation by the employee of Institute of Zoology of ANAS was held at the Dissertation Council
2017.11.14 - Discussed important issues at the meeting of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists
2017.11.14 - Employees of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS are complexly studying phytophagan pests which damage spruce plants and their entomophages
2017.11.14 - Scientific workshop of an employee of the Applied Zoology Center was held
2017.11.14 - ANAS held a seminar devoted to the fire safety
2017.11.14 - Next meeting of Presidium of ANAS