2018.01.29 - A meeting with the Ambassador of Algeria to Azerbaijan at the Institute of Information Technologies
2018.01.24 - President of ANAS got acquainted with the process of examining master degree students at the Institute of Genetic Resources
2018.01.23 - The winter exam session of masters was held in the Institute of Zoology
2018.01.23 - The memorial of the martyrs of January 20 was commemorated at the Institute of Zoology
2018.01.22 - ANAS and the University of Montpellier of France signed agreement on cooperation
2018.01.22 - The larva of grain moth are infected with Habrobracon hebetor parasitoids by the workers of the Center of Applied Zoology
2018.01.22 - Council of Young Scientist and Specialists held an event devoted to 20 January tragedy
2018.01.18 - The dissertation work of the Applied Zoology Center's staff was discussed at the department
2018.01.18 - The youngest doctor of sciences of ANAS awarded a diploma and a monetary reward
2018.01.16 - Hazelnuts of Azerbaijan are in danger!
2018.01.16 - The next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2018.01.15 - President of ANAS acquainted with the process of English language examination for master’s degree students
2018.01.15 - A cleaning day was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
2018.01.13 - Zoologiya İnstitutunda magistrantların qış imtahan sessiyası başlayıb
2018.01.12 - Leech reproduction technology is firstly being developed in the Institute of Zoology
2018.01.12 - Employees of the Applied Zoology Center have been in the expedition