Patents of the employees of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS)



1.      E.F.Babayev, E.I.Ahmadov, F.Z. Aliyeva, Y.Y.Yolchiyev. Antiparasitary bactericidal effecting "REOR-49" N-sianetil b, b/ ditiobis (a-amino-propanoic acid) monoethyl ether, Azerbaijan's State Committee for Science and Technology, Patent, I. 20010100, № 991001372, registration date 04.07. 2001, p. 1. Certificate of authorship.

2.      Topchiyeva Sh.A. Snake venom and determination methods of their proteins. №a 2000 0002., priority date06.01.2000. Registration in the State register 02.12.2002.Certificate of authorship.

3.      Topchiyeva Sh.A., Aliyev R.Sh., Abiyev H.A.Determination of snake venoms.№2002 0106., priority date06.06.2002. Registration in the State register 21.02.2005.Certificate of authorship.

4.      A.M.Musayev, Y.Y.Yolchiyev, M.A.Musayev, A.H.Aliyev The increase method of the productivity of birds, grown in a closed condition, Invention 2004 0263, 27.05.2006, Certificate of authorship.

5.      Topchiyeva Sh.A., Abilova I.E. The method of drying stems and leaves of the barberry - Berberis vuigaris L. №2004 0253., priority date02.12.2004. Registration in the State register 25.12.2006. Certificate of authorship.

6.      Rasulova Z.G., Jafarov E.S., Huseynzadeh G.A., Hajiyeva S.A., Orujova C.R., Aliyev S.V., Atakishiyeva A.M., Mammadova T.H., Qahramanova Kh.T.Methods of soil cleaning from radionuclides. №a 2012 0048., priority date10.05.2012. Registration in the State register 20.08.2014.Certificate of authorship.

7.      Shamionova N.Sh. Fixator for storing of the comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi (A.Agassiz).№  İ 2015 0077., priority date16.03.2011. Registration in the State register 20.11.2015.Certificate of authorship.

8. Rajabova S.S. "Use of modern nature protection equipment (GPS bags) for effective protection of rare and endangered birds in Azerbaijan." Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Registration number № 05 / C-10597-19. Registration date 09.08.2019, copyright certificate.

9.  Şamionova N.Ş Təbii bioörtüklərdən istifadə üsulu, İxtira İ 2021 0112, № a2018 0056, qeydiyyat tarixi: 09.12.2021, müəlliflik şəhadətnaməsi.