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A rainworm has been found in the pupil body

A parent has accessed to the Laboratory of  "Helminthology" of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS). As a result of research worm (rainworm) was found in the pupil body. 18 cm. in length worm (Helminth) was out of the mouth of the 10th grade pupil. It was submitted to the chief of the laboratory, PhD in Biology Gara Fataliyev. During researches it was confirmed that, it was the earthworm living in soil. While the patient was being interrogated, a large number of “worms” moving on his stomach - intestinal tract was found. G.Fataliyev says that 8 earthworms have been out of the mouth of the 7th grade pupil (NZS village) a few years ago. Earthworms belong to the phylum Annelida, class Oligachete, order Haplotaxida, family Lubricidae. They lay their eggs (cocoon) in wet soil, and sometimes put in the root of plants. The eggs develop and turn into mature shape in 3-4 months. If vegetable plants aren’t washed well, worm eggs clinging to the plants’ roots will be absorbed with vegetables. The larvae is out in the digestive system, nourishes on the intestinal contents and develops. When you use a vegetable plants, washing them cleaner is recommended.