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An event dedicated to the Youth Day was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS

As you know, February 2 is the Republican Youth Day. The basis of this day was founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan, and today's history dates back to 1996. Today, there is a state youth policy in our country, and now that policy is being pursued more resolutely.

Today, Azerbaijani youth celebrate their holidays with great success all over the country.

An event on the Youth Day was held at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS.

Director of the Institute, Elman Yusifov, first of all, congratulated young scientists on this beautiful day and wished them success in their work. He advised the staff to develop themselves, to be a specialist in their field, but not to be content with one field and to apply research, operability and tolerance.

Then speech and greetings of the staff of the Institute were heard. So, Sabina Bunyatova, Chair of the Young Scientists and Specialists Council of the Institute of Zoology, Sara Aliyeva, Scientific Secretary, and Laman Dadashova, the Scientific Researcher of the Center for Applied Zoology, made a speech about the history of youth in Azerbaijan, academician Akif Alizadeh Akliman Amiraslanov, academician-secretary of the Department of Biology and Medical Sciences, emphasized that they are always proud of keeping the youth playing an important role in the socio-political life of ANAS.