Center for Applied Zoology was established on the basis of two laboratories: "Ecology and physiology of insects" and "Introduction of beneficial insects and the scientific principles of biological struggle" and has been operating since March 1, 2017.

Current state of economically important species, research of integrated pest control methods;

Development of effective methods for artificial reproduction of entomophags and rare species.

A massive reproduction method has been developed for the first time in the country's water basins and up to 700 children have been admitted to a private pond in the Mingachevir scientific-experimental station. Rare birds Caucasian and Zumrud poultry reproduction in the room and semi-volatile conditions were compared comparatively with optimal variants for their mass reproduction. Cranberries and walnut pests, their entomophagous were studied thoroughly for the first time. The current situation in the Neftchala and Aghdash regions of the cotton fox, which is a fearsome pest of agricultural crops, has been studied, a complex combat measure has been developed against it. An effective entomophagous habrobracon hebetor parasitoid was mass multiplied in the laboratory and applied against pests. Steinernema feltiae, an effective nematode against collagen beetle, which is a serious pest of potatoes, has been tested on a candle moth and artificial food (dog food) and has been tested for its resistance to various doses insecticides. The characteristics of adaptation of morphological, bioecological, and living conditions of the watercress (Natrix Tesselota) in the eastern territories of Azerbaijan were firstly investigated; its 28 morphs were identified. The species belonging to the Barabarangan family belonging to the pomegranate plant, belonging to the Coccinellidae family of three species (Aphis punicae P., Ceroplastes japonicus G., Pseudococcus comstocki K.), belonging to the species of Longbug insects (Gracilia minuta F., Tricoferus fasciculatus F.) 15 predators have been detected.


Ph.D. Ahmadov Barat Abdul oglu

Ph.D. Abulfaz Taghiyev Naghi oglu

Ph.D. Mustafayeva Irada Eldar gizi Gulnaz Ismayılova Azizagha gizi  Ph.D. Irada Mustafayeva Eldar gizi Hamzayeva Gulara Farhad gizi
Ph.D. Rubsova Lyudmila Yevgenyevna  Ph.D. Ramiz Madatov Idris oglu Zinyat Shahverdiyeva Vafadar gizi Guliyeva Ulkar Bashir gizi
Ph.D. Nuriyeva Irada Aghaverdi gizi Ph.D. Saliga Gazi Galib gizi Rafiga Gazi Jamal gizi Akhundova Narmin Shahin gizi
Ph.D. Safarova Ilhama Mudafia gizi Matanat Gubadova Oruj gizi 

Ph.D. Sakina 

Hajiyeva Ahmad 


Laman Dadashova Bahram gizi 
Rzayeva Guntakin Zabil gizi
Gulahmadzadeh Fatima Hidayat gizi