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Discussed the problems facing ANAS

On May 24, at the enlarged meeting of the Presidium of th Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, was discussed an Action Plan drawn up to fulfill the tasks arising from the resolution of the General Meeting of ANAS April 28, 2017.

Speaking at the event, the president of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizade noted that the meeting discussed in detail the report on scientific and scientific-organizational activities of ANAS in 2016, a corresponding decision was adopted in connection with his statement. In the resolution, the Presidium of ANAS was given instructions on a number of issues, the forthcoming implementation in the academy in 2017.

After the discussions, the Action Plan was approved in connection with the implementation of the resolution of the General Meeting of ANAS from April 28, 2017.

The Action Plan included issues related to the continuation of the tasks set by President Ilham Aliyev regarding the development of science, ensuring active participation of ANAS in the implementation of the "Strategic Roadmaps of the National Economy and the Main Sectors of the Economy", giving preference to scientific research in priority areas of ANAS and other important issues.

In addition, the Action Plan reflects the expansion of scientific research in the field of biotechnology, genetic engineering and biophysics, expansion of personnel training, giving preference to research in the field of ecology, geology, biology of the Caspian Sea, ensuring the priority of scientific research in the direction of Azerbaijan studies, , Undertaken in the field of integration of international scientific ties, science and education, the formation of the material and technical base and human resources of the Park Technologies of ANAS, ensuring the implementation of comprehensive measures in the direction of building the corresponding infrastructure, strengthening information support for science within the framework of the project "Electronic Science", expanding research in the field of information technology and other issues.