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Biodiversity of bollworms, long-moustached beetles

The final report of the Laboratory of insect fauna and systematics of the Department of Entomology, on the subject of the “Biodiversity of bollworms, long-moustached beetles, carabids and golden beetles of Azerbaijan and their biological and ecological features” was heard and discussed at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS) on 10.11.2016.

Ph.D. in Biology G.A.Huseynzadeh gave brief information on the work, done at the Laboratory of insect fauna and systematics in 2016.

Then, R. V.A.Ahmadova and Ph.D. in Biology S.A.Hajiyeva made report accordingly on the “Biodiversity of bollworms, belonging to the subfamilies, such as, Heliothidinae, Erastriinae in Azerbaijan and study of their bioecological features” and “Impact of the abiotic and biotic factors on the entomofauna (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae; Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)”.

Sc.D. in Biology E.Ahmadov, Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs, Sc.D. in Biology Z.Mammadov and other members of the Scientific Council put forward their views and suggestions on the results of scientific research work.

In the end, reports were approved under the decision of the Scientific Council.