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An employee of the Institute of Zoology was on an expedition in the Caspian Sea

During 23.07-05.08.2022, the leading researcher of the Hydrobiology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of the ANAS, Associate Professor Suleyman Suleymanov, joint with the employees of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan, visited the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea with the scientific-research ship "Alif Hajiyev" and carried out the next complex environmental monitoring work in order to define the ecological processes and environmental effects occurring in the area concerned, to study the biological resources and hydrometrological condition of the sea, as well as to obtain the necessary information for the assessment of the current ecological situation.

During the expedition, ichthyological materials haev been collected from 45 stations consisting of 9 sections. It has been determined that due to the changed environmental conditions in the Caspian Sea in recent years (declining sea level, exposure to heavy pollution, etc.), the condition of marine fish Clupea, Planiliza and Clupeonella) living in the Caspian Sea is satisfactory, on the contrary, transient and semi-transient fish (Normal Carp, The Caspian roach, Common Bream and Shamai) condition is not satisfactory.