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Academic Seyfaddin Aliyev is 90 years old

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the famous Azerbaijani entomologist, academician Seyfaddin Aliyev. Seyfaddin Veli oglu Aliyev was born on May 30, 1930, in Alishar village of Sharur region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In 1937-1943, after graduating from the secondary school of the same village, he entered the Nakhchivan City Medical College. Then he came to Baku in 1947-1951 and continued his education at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (now the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University). In 1952, he began his career as a junior researcher at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS. In 1961, he defended his dissertation on Rodent noctuids of Azerbaijan .

In 1964, he was elected senior researcher, in 1978, the head of the laboratory "Biological development of cotton noctuid", in 1986 the head of the laboratory "Entomology", and in 1988 the head of the department "Entomology". The tireless scientist continuing his research on noctuids. In 1977 he defended his doctoral dissertation on " Noctuids of Azerbaijan" at the Institute of  Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and received the degree of Doctor of Sciences. In 1998 the scientist was awarded the title of professor.  For his achievements and services in the development of zoology and entomology, he was elected a corresponding member of ANAS in 2001 and a full member in 2007.  As a result of many years of hard work, Seyfaddin  Aliyev discovered 716 species of noctuids were widespread in Azerbaijan,  of which 462 species were considered new for noctuid fauna of the republic,145 species for the Caucasus, and 67 species for the former USSR. For the first time, the scientist studied the ecological and faunistic review of these species in Azerbaijan, their distribution in the vertical direction, zones, biotopes, ecological groups, their formation, zoogeographical analysis, food relations, bioecological features of harmful species and developed scientific bases of struggle against them. For the first time, it was determined that 61 species of noctuids caused damage to agricultural crops. In order to control the cotton noctuids, the most dangerous pest of cotton, the scientist conducted research on beneficial insects in the Shirvan and Mugan zones and found that 21 species of parasites and 12 species of predators destroyed the cotton noctuids. The results of these studies have been applied on the farm as an integrated control method. Seyfaddin Aliyev is the author of 168 scientific works, including 3 monographs, 4 books written to help agricultural workers, 3 scientific booklets. He is one of the authors of the textbook "Zoology" for 7-8 grades of secondary school, 10-volume "Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan" and VA Dogel's textbook "Invertebrate Zoology" written in Russian for universities in Azerbaijani. He is the main compiler and editor-in-chief of the second volume of the monograph "Animal World of Azerbaijan", published in Russian and Azerbaijani, consisting of 3 volumes translated into Azerbaijani. In addition, he is the editor of 9 textbooks written for universities, 2 textbooks, 6 monographs, 4 booklets, as well as the compiler of the terms zoology and entomology given in the IV volume of the explanatory dictionary of the Azerbaijani language. In different years, the scientist was repeatedly awarded the "Labor Veteran" medal, the "Labor Veteran" commemorative badge, the International George Soros Scholarship, and Diploma, the Honorary Decrees by the Presidium of ANAS for many years of selfless work in the development of entomology. On behalf of the staff of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, we sincerely congratulate the prominent entomologist-scientist, academician Seyfaddin Aliyev on his 90th anniversary, and wish him good health!