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Staff of the Institute of Zoology took part in an international semina

A head of the Terrestrial Vertebrate Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, Doctor of Biology, Giyas Guliyev, PhD in Biology Elchin Sultanov, researcher Sevinj Rajabova, Leading Scientist of the Laboratory of Hydrobiology, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Saleh Aliyev were attended at the National Seminar of Azerbaijan “Проект: Экосистемный подход к гидроэнергетике: содействие реализации европейских требований к развитию гидроэнергетики в странах Восточной Европы” (The project: Ecosystem approach to hydropower: promoting the implementation of European requirements for the development of hydropower in Eastern Europe) held at the Boulevard Side Hotel and jointly organized by Azerbaijan Society of Ornithologists and the National Ecological Center of Ukraine on July 26, 2019.

It should be noted that, Elchin Sultanov made a speech on “Экосистемный подход к гидроресурсам в Азербайджане” ("Ecosystem approach to hydrocarbon resources in Azerbaijan"), Giyas Guliyev on “Роль водных млекопитающих на реках и озерах Азербайджана” ("The role of aquatic mammals in the rivers and lakes of Azerbaijan" and Saleh Aliyev on “Оценка воздействия на гидробионтов при воплощении в жизнь больших проектов” (“Assessment of the impact on aquatic organisms during the implementation of large projects”) at the seminar.