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Researches are conducted on 1000 chickens in the Institute of Zoology

After gaining independence, our republic has brought up the issue before agriculture, which is one of areas given main focuses in the development of the state with providing population continuously with the environmentally-friendly, high-qualifying and safe poultry meat and poultry products. Researches are carried out in the direction of clarifying biochemical changes, occuring in the organism of chicken in the period of coccidiosis, which is seriously hampers the development of poultry industry, making use of local plants in order to treat, biochemical-physiological indicators of host organism at this time, clarifying mutual host-parasite relations at the Laboratory of Biochemical Aspects of host-parasite relationships of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS). At the moment, perspectives of using of plants containing essential oils and alkaloids in the treatment of coccidiosis are being studied. For this purpose, 300 silver, 200 Harco, 200 local breeds - 20 day chicks and 10,000 local species – a 3-day-old birds have been researched. The effects of plant extracts on the dinamics of haematological and some biochemical parameters, on the activity of transaminases are being studied.