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The next meeting of the Dissertation Council

Scientific worker of the Institute of Laboratory of the introduction of beneficial insects and the scientific basis of biological control, Sheyda Mammadova's report of the dissertation work for the degree of PhD in Biology on "Parasitoid complex and species composition of leaf rollers, causing damage to forest-fruit plants in the east of the Azerbaijan" has been heard.

17 species of leaf rollers causing damage to forest-fruit plants in Gonagkend, Absheron-Gobustan and Lankaran regions have been registered by the researcher. Two species of them for Azerbaijan, and three species for the Caucasus have been found for the first time. Detailed study of the bioecological features of species and creating phenological calendars are important for the development of measures to combat them. In order to prevent a potential harm to forest-fruit plants is important to study the complex of parasitoids playing special role in the prevention and combating against them.