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High Technologies Park of ANAS will support "Rainergy" project

High Technologies Park of ANAS (Park VT) held the meeting with the author of the project "Rainergy" the young inventor Reyhan Jamalova.

In his speech at the meeting the head of the Business Incubation Center of VT Park Vusal Suleymanov noted that, in order to implement the Rainergy project and improve the invented device in the technopark, the necessary conditions for a young startup will be created.

Then, the winner of "ClimateLaunchpad 2017" - the largest competition of business ideas "Green", organized in our country "Social Innovation Lab" by the main sponsorship of VT Park, the young startup R.Jamalova told about her invention.

She brought to attention that the "Rainergy" device, providing for energy from rainwater, consists of four parts - a rainwater collector, a water tank, an electric generator and a battery: "The rainwater collector fills the tank with water and water, draining at high speed through an electric generator, creates electricity. The generated energy accumulating in the batteries reduces the pressure on the power line and creates an additional source of energy. Currently, the prototype of the device illuminates 22 LED lamps. This means an approximate 22 watts of energy".

It should be noted that, the Reyhan Jamalova project as an alternative source of energy is especially relevant for such countries as India, Indonesia, where heavy precipitation falls.

15-year-old R.Jamalova aroused great interest in the Global Entrepreneurship Forum held in India in November and attracted the attention of the Senior Advisor to the US President and the US President daughter Ivanka Trump.