Yegana Abulhasan gizi Mahmudova

Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, city of Sabirabad

Date of birth



Baku State University

 Scientific degree

PhD on biology


Associate professor

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“Taxonomic analyses and revision of genus Echinostoma (Trematoda: Echinostomatoidea)”

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Basic scientific achievements

Conducted a taxonomic analysis and revision of several genera of trematodes Echinostomatata suborder, revealed full trematode fauna of waterbirds in many water bodies of Azerbaijan, carried out its faunal, ecological-geographical and epizootological analysis.

Names of scientific works

1. The polytomic identification key of the genus Echinostoma Rud., 1809 (Trematoda, Echino-stomatidae) species – parasites of water fowls for using in environmental researches

 Эколого-фаунистический анализ трематод водно-болотных птиц дельты реки Куры

2. Эколого-фаунистический анализ трематод водно-болотных птиц Малого Гызыл-агачского залива Каспийского моря

Эколого-фаунистический анализ заражонности балканов Азербайджана возбудительями трематодозов.
Трематоды рыбоядных птиц Девечинского лимана Каспийского моря.

3. Su-Bataqlıq quşlarının trematodlarla yoluxmasının onların qidalanma xüsusiyyətlərindən ekoloji asıllığı

Membership of scientific bodies in republican,

international and foreign countries

•  Deputy editor and head of department of the news-paper “Woman and Society”
•  Vice-chairman of Xatai district branch of the Azerbaijan Woman Society.
•  Member of New Azerbaijan Party
•  Board chairman of Social Union “Protection of National Values” named after Agha Musa Naghiyev
•  Journalists Union Member
•  The peace ambassador of the World Peace Federation along with UNO
•  Council member of the nobles

Pedagogical activity


Other activities


Awards and prizes

Diploma of the news-paper “Woman and Society”, diplomas by Caucasus-Press, Caucasus –Media Social Union, “Protection of National Values”, medals and prizes of “Two countries one nation” of Turkey.

Main place of work and its address

Institute of Zoology of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, passage 1128, block 504, A.Abbaszade st., AZ1073, Baku, Azerbaijan


Senior Researcher

Office phone

 (+994 12) 5397371

Mobile phone

 (+994 50) 4200222    

Home phone

  (+994 12) 4886097