Ilham Khayyam oglu Alakbarov
Protozoology Laboratory Head
  Place of Birth: The Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city
  Date of Birth: 20.11.1948
  Higher Educational Institute: Azerbaijan State University (the present BSU)
  Scientific Degree: Doctor of biological sciences
  Scientific Rank: Professor, correspondent member
  Title of PhD Dissertation:  
Specialty Code:  
Name of Specialty: Zoology
Title of the Topic: Plankton infusors of Mingachevir, Varvara and Jeyranbatan water reservoirs
  Title of the Doctor's Dissertation:  
Specialty Code:  
Name of Specialty:  
Title of the Topic: Free infusion of freshwater basins in Azerbaijan
  Total Number of Printed Works: 162
Number of Scientific Works Printed Abroad:  
Number of Articles Published in International Journalized Referendums and Indexed Magazines:  
  Number of Authorship Certificates and Patents: 1
  Staff Training:  
Number of PhD Doctors: 9
Main activities: Studying the biodiversity of Azerbaijan's free and parasitic terrain. Study of protozoos of agricultural animals and preparation of measures against them. Use of freeze-dried apricots for the biotesting of marine, freshwater and soil polluted with oil, heavy metals and insecticides. Discovery of zoonotic naturally protozoan potatoes in various ecosystems of Azerbaijan, which is a potential source of danger for people with immunodeficiency syndrome.
Main scientific results: 81 parasites and 210 elementary species have been described for the first time for science. Determination methods of the pollution level by different types of biomonitoring and man-made pollution have been improved.
  Main Scientific Achievements:

He has described the new species for science consisting of four chapters, 18 breeds and more than 100 infusors and pelvic teeth found in the seas, lush basins and lands of Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia during his 40-year scientific research. Books and monographs are:

► И.Х.Алекперов. Атлас свободноживущих инфузорий (Классы Kinetofragminophora, Colpodea, Olygohymenophora, Polyhymenophora). Изд-во "Борчалы", Баку, 2005, 310 с.

► И.Х.Алекперов. Свободноживущие Инфузории Азербайджана (экология, зоогеография, практическое значение). Баку, «Элм», 2012; 520 с.

   Names of Scientific Works:

► И.Х.Алекперов. К изучению фауны инфузорий планктона Джейранбатанского водохранилища. / Алиев А. // I съезд Всесоюзного об-ва протозоологов. Баку, Элм, 1971, с.11.


► И.Х.Алекперов. К изучению фауны планктонных инфузорий Мингечаурского и Варваринского водохранилищ. Тез.научн. конф. АН Азерб. ССР, «Элм», 1974


► И.Х.Алекперов. Новый род инфузорий Bakuella gen.nov. (отряд Hipotrichida) из Каспийского моря и Джейранбатанского водохранилища. / Агамалиев Ф. // Зоол.Ж-л, 1976, №1, с. 128-131,Москва.


► И.Х.Алекперов. Экологические особенности планктонных инфузорий Мингечаурского и Варваринского водохранилищ. 2 съезд Всесоюз.об-ва протозоологов. Киев. Наукова думка, 1976, с. 19.


► И.Х.Алекперов. Сезонная динамика видового состава, численности и биомассы планктонных инфузорий Джейранбатанского водохранилища. Изв. АН Азерб. ССР, сер.биол.наук, 1979, №4, с.81-84, Баку.

  Membership of Republican, International and Foreign Countries’ Scientific Institutions: • Member of International Society of Zoologists
• Member of Azerbaijan Zoological Society
  Other activity: Chairman of the Expert Council of the Biological and Agricultural Division of the AAK.
  Rewards and Awards: He was awarded two Honorary orders of ANAS.
  Main Place of Work and Title: AZ1073, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, str. A.Abasov, 1128 back street, 504 block
  Title: Protozoology laboratory Head

Work phone: (+994 12) 539 73 71

Mobile phone: (+994 50) 324 18 47

Home phone: (+994 12) 452 50 23

  Electron mail: •