Department of Education

The Department of Education has been established at the Institute of Zoology of ANAS with the purpose of training highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff on PhD programs and doctoral programs and organizing scientific activities of masters and doctoral students.

The Department organizes the admission of documents for doctoral and dissertants, writing abstracts, preparation of individual work plans, and holding of admission exams on specialty subject.

The Department of Education organizes attestation for doctoral and dissertants and doctoral examinations.

The Department carries out magistracy education, organizes participation in master classes on master's curriculum, provides preparation and defense of master dissertations.

The Department coordinates the activities of doctoral and dissertants with the Science and Education Department of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and provides the necessary documentation.

The Department of Education supports the publication of the doctoral studies results in the prestigious scientific magazines and journals.

The Department supports and provides recommendations for the participation of masters, doctoral and dissertants, young scientists in institutions, national and international level programs and projects.


Head of department - Narimanova Vusala Saleh gizi

Senior specialist - Mammadova Venera Saladdin gizi

Methodist - Amrahli Aygul Nizami gizi


1 - Tariyel Mahmud oglu Eybatov (2nd-year dissertation student in "Zoology")

2 - Mahir Musa oghlu Maharramov (4th-year dissertation student in "Entomology")

3 - Sabina Nizami gizi Bunyatova (1st-year dissertation in "Zoology")

4 - Fuad Rzayev (1st-year dissertation in "Parasitology")

5 - Lala Araz gizi Shirinova (1st-year dissertation student in "Entomology")

6 - Seyid-Rzayev Micrafar (4th- year dissertation student in "Zoology")

7-Tahir Karimov( 3nd- year dissertation student in "Zoology")


1- Laman Bahram gizi Dadashova (2nd-year doctoral student in "Zoology")

2 - İlaha Rafiq gizi Kerimli (2nd-year PhD student in "Zoology")

3 - Gulnara Tahir gizi Huseynova (3rd-year doctoral student in "Parasitology")

4 - Leyla Hasanova (1st-year in "Zoology")

5 - Suman Mammadhasanova (2nd-year doctoral student in "Parasitology")

6 - Nazakat Mirsahib gizi Abasova (3rd-year dissertation student in "Entomology")

7 - Zarnitach Yusif gizi Shukurova (2nd-year dissertation student in "Zoology")

8 - Gulnaz Azizaaga gizi Ismayilova (2nd-year dissertation student in "Entomology")

9 - Sudaba Elman gizi Ismayilzade (2nd-year dissertation student in "Parasitology")

10 - Aliya Rustamova (1st-year dissertation in "Parasitology")

11-Agil Rafi oglu Hakhiyev (2nd-year dissertation student in "Zoology")


1- Guliyeva Akiya Mehdi gizi (2nd year, specialty "Zoology of vertebrates")

2- Valiyeva Nigar Yolchu gizi (for the course "Zoology of vertebrates" - I course)