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12 April – World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics

12 April is celebrated as a day of aviation and cosmonautics in the whole world. This is associated with the first human space flight.

On this day, 56 years ago i.e. in 1961, famous soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok spacecraft. His flight was a triumph in space history of humanity. As a result of this magnificent event Yuri Gagarin was honored the Hero of Soviet Union and he won fame in all over ther world.

Former USSR began to celebrate this holiday since 1962, and then in 1968 it has gained the status of International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

According to tradition, on the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics, a variety of thematic exhibitions, conferences, lectures are organized, the movies are shown.

The dear memory of the first space conquerer is remembered with deep respect in whole world.