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A researcher of MSERA Institute of Zoology was on a foreign mission

Leyla Nadirli, a researcher at the Laboratory of Terrestrial Vertebrates of MSERA Institute of Zoology, was on a foreign mission to the Institute of Ecology of Plants and Animals in Yekaterinburg, RAS Ural Region, on February 12-22, 2024. 

The purpose of the visit was to conduct molecular-genetic analyzes of field mouse samples obtained mainly from the Greater Caucasus and other regions of Azerbaijan for comparison, as well as to study the skulls and teeth bones of field mice from the collection fund belonging to the Institute of Zoology, collected privately and by various methods. The scientific research work was carried out in the "Phylogenetics and Biochronology" laboratory supervised by head of the laboratory, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.V. Borodi.

During the visit, new nucleotide sequences of the cytb gene of mitochondrial DNA were obtained from field mouse samples. Meanwhile, the age of the skull bones, the morphotypics and sizes of the teeth of the field mice species were determined, and statistical calculations were made.

It is keen to publish the obtained results in local and foreign publications.