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279 species of animals will be included in the new "Red Book" of Azerbaijan

It is keen to include 279 species of rare, endangered and species in need of protection in the 3rd edition of the "Red Book" of Azerbaijan, was stated by the Executive Director of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Elshad Ahmadov.

He said that the intensive monitoring is being held by the working group specialists  of the Institute of Zoology for investigating these species Oligochaeta (worm) - 1 species, Hirudinea (leech) - 1 species, Mollusca (mollusk) - 3 species, Crustacea (cancer) - 1 species, Insecta (insect) - 118 species, Pieces - 11 species , Amhpibia - 6 species, Reptilia (reptiles) - 20 species, Aves (bird) - 83 species, Mammalia (mammals) - 35 species.