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Board of Directors of ANAS Scientific Institutions holds a meeting

On December 3, Board of Directors of ANAS Scientific Institutions held next meeting. The event was attended by ANAS president, vice-presidents, academician-secretary of the ANAS, academic secretaries of scientific departments, directors of scientific institutions, office chiefs of  Presidium and other responsible employees. 

First, academician Akif Alizadeh, President of ANAS, familiarized the participants with the issues on the agenda.

The meeting firstly discussed the execution of the resolution of the General Assembly of the National Assembly of 8 June 2018. According to A.Alizadeh, a number of important works have been implemented and the important measures have been taken for the development of science, taking into account the tasks and priorities set in the Academy.

The scientist emphasized the importance of taking an active part in the organization's large-scale scientific projects, expanding international cooperation, conducting fundamental scientific researches. He gave relevant instructions to the relevant scientific institutions of ANAS on nanotechnologies, alternative energy, agricultural problems, strengthening of information science, formation of e-science and other serious research.

A.Alizadeh shared his views on the organizing workshops and discussing future of the scientific institution headed by him. The institute and organization operating under each scientific unit should regularly report on the work done, hold scientific sessions, make concrete decisions on the prospects of the enterprise, president said.

Speaking about new approaches to the improvement of doctoral studies and dissertation, the head of ANAS noted that it is important to pay attention to priority scientific directions and to consider the requirements of world science when selecting dissertation themes. Each scientific supervisor should work individually with young researchers and be able to identify their scientific potential.

Noting that ANAS plays a significant role in the integration of science and education, he noted that there are currently 16 chairs of different universities in the institutes of the Academy. He noted that, as a result of organization of practice centers in scientific institutions, students of higher education institutions acquire high level of knowledge and skills. The President of ANAS emphasized the necessity of increasing the number of base chairs in scientific establishments and forming a legal framework for their activities.

Academician A.Alizade said that one of the multidimensional reforms of ANAS is evaluation of scientific, scientific-organizational and scientific-pedagogical activity of scientists, stimulation of their work. He noted that last year a group of scholars were given the scientific title "Professor of ANAS" for their high scientific results. The scientist emphasized the importance of involving more scientists in scientific-research work and scientific preparation process, gave relevant instructions to the heads of scientific departments of ANAS.

Later academician-secretary of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliyev delivered the results of monitoring of sites of ANAS scientific institutions. About 55 scientific institutions and 48 websites are involved in monitoring. A group of experts from the Institute of Information Technology, involved in the monitoring of February and June 2018. Within the framework of monitoring, a number of websites belonging to academic institutions, including design, software, news dynamics, information availability and relevance analyzed based on criteria consisting of 16 items, and a complex assessment was carried out, academician underlined.

R. Alguliev also made a report on ICT provision in accounting at ANAS. He said that, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan is implementing a number of projects aimed at automating the activities of state-funded enterprises and organizations. One of these projects is a system that envisages automation of accounting and financial activity of enterprises. The scientist noted that in 2015, the ministry has begun the construction of a large-scale infrastructure with a company that has great experience in this area.

The scientist said that hundreds of organizations joined this system in our country. Since 2016, 35 scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS use this system, 12 organizations have been involved in the process.

Electronic finance, which is part of e-government in our country, has been implemented at a high level, creating a national ICT product that meets world standards in Azerbaijan, R.Alguliyev stated.

Chief of Head Office of Science and Education of the Presidium of ANAS, correspondent member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov spoke on the topic "Master's degree experience at ANAS: Analysis and Perspectives for the Future". He informed about the plans for the master's degree in 2017 and 2018, and spoke about the results of the interview for master’s degree and future work to be done.

At the end of the event, a wide range of views were exchanged on the issues and some proposals and recommendations were put forward.

Academicians Irada Huseynova, Ahliman Amiraslanov, Naila Velikhanli, Vagif Farzaliyev, corresponding members of ANAS Oktay Gasimov, Gurban Yetirmishli and others attended the discussions.