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Masterkey 4.0 is a universal projected keyboard

Any accessory for the smartphone should be comparable in size with him, otherwise, deteriorates the mobility and comfort of use. The situation is different if the device has no permanent physical form, as in the case of a keyboard Masterkey 4.0, which is projected by the laser beam to the surface. In inactivated form, it is no more the case for smartphone, active – before you a full-sized QWERTY keyboard to work with documents.

The technology of projected keyboard Masterkey is designed by its authors with 2014, they wanted not just a toy for geeks, and universal gadget that will do, no physical keyboards a reality. Just because you will be able at any moment to deploy on the table at home or the classroom wall a virtual analogue. Pico projector provides increase images up to 120 inches diagonally, but with a maximum resolution of 854×480 pixels, the image is not detailed.

Parameter contrast ratio 2000:1, brightness 100 lumens, manual correction of field. By default, projected keyboard size 245х110 mm, integrated infrared camera monitors “click” with speeds up to 350 characters per minute. Masterkey 4.0 is connected to a smartphone with iOS /Android via Bluetooth 4.0, and other devices via USB or HDMI. Built-in battery capacity 5200 mAh battery, there is a microSD port.

The startup offers two versions of the projected keyboard, the basic for $179 and the model for business for $225. If fundraising goes according to plan, in the sale of Masterkey 4.0 will appear in January 2019.