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Book "Civil Science" published

The book "Civil Science" co-authored by Academician-Secretary of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliev and the department head of the institute Tahmasib Fataliyev was published. The scientific editor of the book is the head of the department of the Institute, Ph.D. in Economy, associate professor Alovsat Aliyev.

The book, published according to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, explored the issues of the formation of a civil and information society, the goals of civil science, formed as a new aspect of the development of e-science, characteristic features and advanced scientific and civic projects. The role of modern information technologies and social media in the formation and development of civil science was studied, and its interaction with e-science was demonstrated.

Civil science creates many advantages in education, science, society, the state, business and media:

• geographic scope of scientific research is expanding, costs are reduced as a result of online data collection, increased data volume, accuracy and quality of scientific research are increasing, youth's interest in science is increasing;

• extent of participation increases among researches of teachers and students, new directions of research are being determined, methods of communication are developing;

• more effective decisions are made in society, rational logical scientific thinking develops, civil-social relations are deepened;

• business environment improves, work experience improves, business indicators, management and accounting improved.

According to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, the book is intended for a wide audience of readers.

Note that, the book "Civil Science" was prepared with the financial support of the Foundation for the Development of Science under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.