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The Caspian seal

As the smallest seal in the world's ocean, it is the only type of gait that has fallen into the Guinness Book of Records. The length of the Caspian sale reaches 120 - 140 cm, with a mass of 40-80 kg. Males are a bit older than females. The color is strongly varied. The males' bodies have many scattered scales across the body in numerous, different sizes and formats. Females are more matte and have scarce and little contrast. The area covers the entire Caspian Sea. Usually they run away from drank tea. In the winter, about 90% of the population in the North Caspian is concentrated. Small deposits are formed on ice. The females stand beside the holes in the ice and do not eat during these periods. Single births are already observed in the first decade of January. The mass birth period takes place from January 25 to February 5. Permeation occurs in the water. Until recently, it was assumed that the life of the Caspian sale would be 10-12 years, and sexual maturity would occur at the age of 2-3, as in many dry predators. D. Hajiyev and T.M.Heybatov, who applied precise methods for determining age, determined his maximum life for 50 years. Females reach puberty 7, and males - at the age of 8-9. Sales for suit in different seasons of the year are mostly angular, gray and ordinary. Other fish species and small crustaceans play a secondary role.