Quliyev Şükür Əvəz oğlu

Shukur Evez oglu Guliyev



  Place of birth: Republic of Azerbaijan, Shusha city
  Date of birth: November 29, 1968
  Higher Education Institution: ASPU
Scientific Degree: Ph.D. in Biology  
Scientific Rank: Associate Professor 
  Title of PhD dissertation:
Specialty Code: 03.00.19
Name of Specialty: Parasitology
Title of the Topic: Ecological-geographical analysis of fish parasites of water basins of Absheron peninsula
  Total Number of Published Works: 27
Number of Scientific Works Printed Abroad: 4
Number of Articles Published in International Journalized Referendums and Indexed Magazines: 2
  Number of Authorship Certificates and Patents:
Staff Training:  
Number of PhD Doctors:
Main scientific results:
Description of scientific works:

► Comparative ecological analysis of parasitic fauna of fish of the Absheron Peninsula.

►  Basic results and prospects for the study of aquatic animal parasites in Azerbaijan.

►Formation of parasitic fauna of some animals under the action of environmental factors in the conditions of Azerbaijan.

►  Impact of pollution on parasitofauna in Absheron water basins.

Member of Republican, International and Foreign Countries Scientific Institutions:
Pedagogical Activity:
Rewards and Awards:
Main Place and Address of Job: AZ1004, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, str. A.Abasov, 1128 back street, 504 block
  Position: Leading researcher

Work: (012) 539 - 73 - 32

Mobile: 050 -615- 41- 22



Electron mail:

• sh.quliyew@mail.ru