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2020.06.01 12:05

To the attention of employees!

On 03.06.2020 at 10:00 am, the library of the Institute of Zoology will host for the initial defense of the dissertation (master’s) of Guliyeva Agiya Mehdi gizi on the specialty 249656 - "Vertebrate zoology" on "Species diversity and ecological features of reptiles in Absheron National Park". In connection with the application of the special quarantine regime, only the following employees are expected to participate in the initial defense:

Chairman: Ph.D. in Biology., Assoc. Prof. G.N.Guliyev
Members: Ph.D. in Biology Assoc. Prof. T.M. Isgandarov

Ph.D. in Biology Assoc. Prof. S.N.Bünyatova
Ph.D. in Biology T.A. Karimov
Ph.D. in Biology G.H.Gasımova
Ph.D. in Biology E.T. Mammadrzayeva
Ph.D. in Biology T.F.Gurbanova