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ANAS held Meeting with the Director of UN International Institute on Ageing

Academician-secretary of the Division of Biology and Medical Sciences, academician Ahliman Amiraslanov met with Director of UN International Institute on Ageing, Professor Marvin Formosa at ANAS Presidium on September 10.

The prospects for scientific and scientific-organizational cooperation in the field of gerontology and exchange of views on the potential assessment of the country for joint research projects were discussed at the meeting.

Academician A.Amiraslanov stressed that, Azerbaijan is considered a country of long-livers and noted that in this respect certain institutes of ANAS, in particular the Institute of Physiology after academician Abdulla Garayev will use the opportunities for further development of gerontological research.

Then, director of the Institute of Physiology, Doctor of Biological Sciences Ulduz Hashimova reported on the results of research projects in the field of gerontology in the institution she leads.

At the meeting, Professor Marvin Formosa noted the experience accumulated in the Institute of Physiology, and stressed that the institute was chosen as the regional center of the UN Ageing Institute.

It should be noted that, Professor M. Formosa’s visit will last until September 14. The program of the visit includes meetings with participants of the program "Investigation of the physiological and molecular genetic basis of longevity" implemented by the Institute of Physiology in the Lenkoran region, characterized by a high longevity index.