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Director of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS visited the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Elman Yusifov visited the Institute of Plant and Animals Ecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences on June 3-9, 2019. It was discussed to establish an international laboratory on the basis of a contract concluded during the visit. The reconstructed processes of formation of Pleistocene and Holocene entomocomplexes in Azerbaijan, as a basic component of the history of dry biogeocenoses in the region, based on the comparative analysis of the biological diversity of Ural and Azerbaijan, the study of genetic changes of the inhabitants of the land, determination of their status, and the involvement of paleoentomological data, migratory routes of migratory birds, as well as the study of the history and populations of animals' ecology and etc. studies will be conducted. Scientific leaders and new scientific trends have been identified for a number of young scholars during the visit.