Ilyas Razzag oglu Babayev

Place of birth

Azerbaijan, Lerik District, Nuravud Village 

Date of birth



Azerbaijan State Universitety 

Scientific degree

Doctor of Sciences on Biology 


Topic of  PhD thesis:

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-         topic name




Rare and endangered species of birds of south-eastern Azerbaijan (Information for Red Book of Azerbaijan) 

Total number of printed scientific publications:

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship


Staff training:     

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Basic scientific achievements

The author of 3 books, 1 monography, 1 methodic textbook and coauthor of Azerbaijan Red Book and National Ecological Atlas. Included 24 species of birds into the list of CITES convention. Determined and mapped the places of main congestions of wetland birds concerning the problem of avian influenza. First time investigated ornithological importance of Kyursengi Lake. Estimated the current state of 65 species of birds in Lenkoran Nature Area and 76 species of birds of Azerbaijan coast of the Caspian Sea. 

Names of scientific works


1.Musayev M.A., Babayev I.R., Biodiversity of the Caucasus ecoregion. Moscow, “SIGNAP 5” Press 2011. 132 pp.

2.Mustafayev G.T, Babayev I.R. et al. Animal World of Azerbaijan III Volume. Vertebrates. Baku, Elm, 2004, p. 261-411.

3.Babayev I.R., Askerov F., Akhmedov F.T.  Waterfowls of Azerbaijanian part of Caspian Sea. Nurlar Press, Baku 2007, 69 pp.

4.Mustafayev G.T., Babayev I.R. Conservation of birds (monography). Elm, Baku, 2012, 255 pp.


1.Babayev I.R., Ibadova M.A. Rare and endangered birds included in Red Book of Azerbaijan. – scientific textbook. Baku 1992, 16 pp.


1.Babayev I.R. The recent state of Common Coot in Lenkoran lowland. // Ornitology, Moskow 1990, N 24, p. 116 – 117.

2.Babayev I.R. Lake ornitofauna in the vicinity of Kura.// Biology of lakes in the vicinity of Kura., Baku, Elm, 2001, p. 280 – 287.

3. Main places of congestion densities of birds in Absheron – Gobustan coastal stripe of Caspian Sea and main factors influencing these. // Proccedings of Azerbaijan Society of Zoologists II volume, Baku, Elm, 2010, p. 816 – 824.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

 Azerbaijan  Society of Zoologists

Pedagogical activity

10 year

Other activities

Supervisor of 3 International projects. Participant of 25 International projects as an expert in the field of ornithology.  Member of  Scientific Council Scientific siminar of Dissertation Council of Institute of Zoology. Member of Scientific –technical Council of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Chairman of  Society “Ecology and Conservation of Birds” 

Awards and prizes

  1. Certificate of honor of Azerbaijan Scientific Academy for long-term hardworking activity

      2. Memorable medal from ATMC for activity in nature protection.

Main place of work and its address

Institute of Zoology NAS of AzerbaijanBaku, AZ1073, passage 1128, block 504 


Chief of Zoological Museum of Institute Zoology NAS of Azerbaijan 

Office phone

(+994 12) 539 73 71 


(+994 50) 395 94 51

Home phone

(+994 12) 456 39 37 


(992-12) 439 73 53