2019.04.22 - 80th jubilee of the zoologist Adil Aliyev was celebrated
2019.04.22 - A number of scientific and organizational issues were discussed at the General Meeting of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences
2019.04.19 - Students of BSU carry out practice at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
2019.04.12 - The taxonomic spectrum of Azerbaijan's animal kingdom on parasitology department was discussed
2019.04.12 - Scientists of the United Nuclear Research Institute visited the Dendrology Institute
2019.04.04 - An employee of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS made a speech at the seminar devoted to "Science day"
2019.04.01 - The taxonomic spectrum of the Azerbaijan vertebrate fauna was discussed
2019.04.01 - Elm günü ilə əlaqədar AMEA Zoologiya İnstitutunun Zooloji Muzeyində açıq qapı günü keçirildi
2019.03.28 - President of ANAS: "Science Day is a logical consequence of intensive work and joint activity of our scientists"
2019.03.27 - AMEA Zoologiya İnstitutunun direktoru Rusiya Elmlər Akademiyasında ezamiyyətdə olub
2019.03.27 - Representatives of ANAS visited the grave of the great leader Heydar Aliyev in the Alley of Honor
2019.03.19 - Institute of Zoology hosted an event on Novruz Holiday
2019.03.15 - “Science Week" is over
2019.03.13 - Division of Biological and Medical Sciences held next meeting
2019.03.13 - Packaging of "Biologically active substances of fungal origin" was carried out by ANAS High Technologies Park
2019.03.07 - Institute of Zoology hosted an event on the occasion of the 8th of March- Women's Day