2017.01.31 - Academician Rasim Alguliev: AzScienceNet has great potential in the integration of science and education in the country
2017.01.30 - Solemn presentation ceremony of “British Foundation for Study of Azerbaijan and Caucasus”
2017.01.27 - There is a great need to study the sources in foreign languages which stored at Central Scientific Library
2017.01.26 - ANAS held a seminar with the participation of Italian scientists
2017.01.26 - Central Botanical Garden held workshop on “Effective use of electronic databases for scientific studies”
2017.01.25 - Increased control over the quality of research in the biological and medical sciences
2017.01.20 - Employees of ANAS honored blessed memory of martyrs
2017.01.19 - Report on the activities of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, related encyclopedia Wikipedia approved
2017.01.19 - A meeting with celebrate specialists in Plant Genetic Resources
2017.01.18 - Council of Young Scientist and Specialists held an event devoted to 20 January tragedy
2017.01.18 - Actions within the concept of the National terminological information system to be carried out
2017.01.18 - The information systems to be created for the National Council for Research Coordination
2017.01.18 - Serbian Ambassador to Azerbaijan donated books to Central Scientific Library
2017.01.16 - ANAS President got acquainted with the process of passing the exam in English
2017.01.11 - ANAS held a musical lecture dedicated to the outstanding composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli
2017.01.11 - AMEA Zoologiya İnstitutunda doktoranturaya qəbul imtahanı keçirildi