Suleyman Shakir Suleymanov

Place of birth

Dayirmanly village of Kurdamir district of the Azerbaijan Republic 

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Baku State University 

Scientific degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology 


Associate professor 

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Biology and dynamics of fry number of the main marketable species of fish in the Small Kyzylagach bay 

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Basic scientific achievements

Conditions of reproduction of fish in the Small Kyzylagach gulf are studied. For the first time data on feature of behavior of larvae and young fishes of the Small gulf are obtained. 

Names of scientific works

1.        1.Morphometric characteristics of Alosa kessleri (Grimmm, 1887) of the Caspian Sea. Pr.Institute of Zoology ANAS .v.29, Baku, 2011, pс.274-279

2.        2. Morphometric features of Alosa curensis (Suworov, 1907). Pr.Institute of Zoology ANAS.v.31, №2, Baku, 20131, p.153-159

3.        3.On the composition of spawning shoal of sara herring  Alosa braschnikowi sarensis (Michailowskaja, 1941) in the south west Caspian. Bulletin of the Zaporozhye National University, 2013, N 1, p.61-68

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Azerbaijan Society of Zoologists

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Main place of work and its address

AZ1004,str. A.Abbasov, p.1128, bl 504. Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic 


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(+994 12) 53973 71 


(+994 50) 6671809 

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(+994 12) 3766365