Aliyeva Sara Ismayil gizi

Place of birth

Gubadly, Azerbaijan Republic 

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Baku State University 

Scientific degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology 



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Biology of  juveniles of commercial fish in the Shamkir reservoir (bream, carp, zander)


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Basic scientific achievements

The structure and reproduction biology of bream, roach and sander is investigated in detail, and the biological features of juveniles of fish are studied in the Shamkir water reservoir. 

Names of scientific works

Aliyeva S.I. On feeding of carp, bream and zander fries in the Shamkir reservoir.  Bulletin of Innovative Euroasia University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, N 1 (45) 2012. p. 134-138.

Aliyeva S.I. Structure and ecology of the populations of bream Abramis brama orientalis Berg and zander (Sander lucioperca Linne) in the Shamkir water reservoir. Azerbaijan Agrarian Science, 2010, N3-4, p.124-126

Guliyev Z.M. Aliyeva S.I.  Biological peculiarities of young of bream (Аbramis brama orientalis Berg), carp (Cyprinus carpio Linne) and zander (Sander lucioperca Linne) in the Shamkir water reservoir (Kura basin). Pr. Of the 1


International conf. Devoted to Bekkerov (27-29 May, 2010), Volgograd, 2010, p.425-428

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AZ1073,str. A.Abbasov, p.1128, bl 504. Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic 



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(012) 539 73 53 


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(012) 539 73 53