Gara Huseyn oglu Fataliyev
Head of Parasitology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS
  Place of Birth: The Republic of Azerbaijan, Jabrail region, Sarijalli village
  Date of Birth: 15.01.1940
  Higher Educational Institute: Azerbaijan State University
  Scientific Degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences
  Scientific Rank: Senior scientific worker
  Title of PhD dissertation:  
Specialty Code: 03.00.19
Name of Specialty: Parasitology
Title of the Topic: Ecological-faunistic characteristic of distribution of farm animals with economic significance in the Azerbaijan Minor Caucasus and Mil-Garabagh zone.
  Title of the Doctor's Dissertation:  
Specialty Code: 2429.01
Name of Specialty: Parasitology
Title of the Topic: Bioecological features and formation ways of helminth fauna of wild mammals in Azerbaijan (Rabbits, Gemsters, Predators, Cats)
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• Doctor of Philosophy on Biology ⇒ 1

• Doctorate ⇒ 4

Main activities:  Species variety, distribution, origin and formation of fauna of parasites; Micromorphology, ultrastructure, histochemical indicators, dynamics of parasites; Biology and ontogenesis of parasites; Variability of infections with parasitic in depending on seasons, environmental factors, size and age structure of population; Comparative-ecological analysis of parasitic fauna of water animals; Biochemical bases of host-parasite relationships; Epizootological and epidemiological significance of parasites various systematic groups; Influence of antihelmintic preparations on parasites; Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases of fish; Identification of species of helminth of mammals, reptiles, birds and plants, study their bioecological features and distribution of landscape-ecological zones, ways of formation of helminth fauna, determination of epidemiological and epizootic significance of helminths and preparation of preventive measures against them, research of natural focies of main helminths.
Main scientific results:  The Caspian Sea fish parasites have been studied and 371 species of parasites belonging to various taxonomic groups, their of the species composition, ecology, origin and formation of their fauna. Ecological, zoogeographical and epizootic analysis of parasites of fish of the Azerbaijan internal water bodies, especially of the Kur River basin and the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea has been carried out, 2 new genus and 26 new species have been identified for science. Two new genus and 26 new species for science have been identified. A complex zooparazitological and populations-ecological study of trematod fauna of mollusks spread in fresh water basins of Azerbaijan has been realized and these invertebrates have been identified as the first intermedia of about 200 trematodes in the country. It was identified the unique trematod fauna found in Melanopsis praemorsa L., 1758 molluscs, which is an object of complex parasitological research for the first time on the territory of Azerbaijan. These species has not ever been found anywhere in the world and in any other host. Micromorphological images and corresponding morphological descriptions of 33 species of cercarie noted for the first time for science have been developed and the specimen has been documented; The fauna, morphology, biology and ecology of the protozoan blood parasites of fish and another vertebrates (fishes, amphibians and reptiles) have also been studied. Parasitic diseases of fishes spread in fishing farms of Azerbaijan and seriously damaging fisheries have been identified and their dependence on various factors has been determined; The composition of microsporids, which effects on dynamics, geographical and seasonal dissemination of their hosts have been investigated in the mosquito larvae. For over 40 years in the laboratory more than 800 scientific articles and 15 monographs were published, 8 people defended the dissertation to getting doctor of sciences and 27 people to PhD. 70 species of trematods, cestodes, acanthocefals and nematodes of rodents have been found for the first time. Among them 2 species are new for Caucasian fauna and 9 species for the fauna of Azerbaijan. For the first time in Azerbaijan 19 species of oribatide ticks have been identified as intermediate hosts of helminths of ruminants animals . 26 species of helminths were found in wild and domestic animals for the first time, of them Centrorhynchus itatsinis, Taenia servi, T.laticollis, Plagiorchis elegans, Pharyngostomum cordatum, Euparyphium melis, Diplopylidium scryabini and Rictularia affinis have been noted for first time. For 7 species of helminths new hosts has firstly been identified.
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  Main Place and Address of Job: AZ1073, Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku city, str. A.Abasov, 1128 back street, 504 block
  Title: Head of Parasitology Laboratory of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS

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