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Republic of Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan AR, Ordubad city


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Baku State University

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Doctor in Biological Sciences

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 Senior researcher 

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"Insect parasites damaging fruit plants in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" 

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"Parasites of Pellets and their ways of using in biological struggle against fruit crops in Azerbaijan"

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Main scientific results

54 species of Buprestidae, 29 species of 29 genus (11 of them are new to Azerbaijan fauna), 12 species on Insects (Insecta, Odonata), 5 migratory butterflies (Lepidoptera Geometridae) Arachnida, Opiliones), 72 species belonging to 15 chapters were identified during research conducted in the Highland Shirvan regions of Arachnida (Arachnida: Araneae). 23 of them are recorded for the first time in the mentioned area. More than 35 spiders belonging to 8 chapters have been recorded during the studies conducted in Agstafa. 18 species of spider fauna of the Ganja-Gazakh region and one species, Plexippus Devorans (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872), are recorded for the first time in the Caucasus fauna. 12 genuses and 30 species of Eriophyidae, Rhyncaphytoptidae genes have been recorded, of which eight species of predatory Actineid ticks have been recorded from the Lankaran region for 17 species (Aceria tulipae, A.malherbae, A.saalasi, A.medicaginis, A.absinthii, A.erinea, A.camponulae, Anthocoptes striatus, Vasates unquiculatus, Epitrimerus trilobus etc...) of Azerbaijan fauna. 1 new species - Neomolgus capillatus (Kramer, 1881) was found in the Shabran region for Actineidis ticks from Azerbaijan fauna.

Analysis of trophic accumulation of 19 species of beetles (Hymenoptera, Apidae) discovered in Dashkesen-Gedebey zone and trophic connections were investigated. For distribution on biotopes, lane bees can be divided into 4 groups: wild (3 species), forest (9 species), meadow (13 species), evritop (5 species). Planetary phenology of 19 species of humble-bee found according to 2 years researches has been issued.

Main scientific achievements

As a result of many-year studies, 74 species of poultry have been found to cause damage to fruit crops, of which 16 species are listed for the first time for the fauna of Azerbaijan. It has been established that 59 species of pulpic malignant species damage to cereals, and 15 species to lesions. It has been found that 10 species of malignant pneumonia have been infected by parasite entomophagus in 79 species. 29 species of parasites are shown for the first time in Azerbaijan fauna. For the first time, 56 species of parasites have been identified in Azerbaijan, 12 of them are Caucasian and 14 are new to the former USSR territory. More detailed information on bioecological features and infectious activities of 19 parasites have been provided to combat malignant malignancies. For the first time, the ways of replication of the three types of parasite (Nythobia armilata Grav., Bracon hebetor Say, Perisierola gallicola Kieff.) On the southern warehouse in the laboratory conditions and the parasite ageniaspis (Ageniaspis fuscicollis Dalm.) Against the lactate fruits moth (Yponomeuta Malinellus Zll.) and two types of predatory insects (Synthomis phegea L., Colosoma sycophanta L.) have been developed and applied as a recommendation to the Ministry of Agriculture for use in the fight against single silkworm (Lymantria dispar L.). The role of entomophags and entomopathogenic microorganisms in the regulation of the number of cotton shrubs in the Mil-Mugan zone of Azerbaijan was studied, and the first method of combating against cotton fever was proposed by using the number of beneficial insecticides in the country. He conducted research on the topic "The parasites damaging agricultural plants in Azerbaijan and their ways of using them in the biological struggle against harmful insects in plant protection". As a result, 38 species of insects were found in fruit gardens, of which two species were first mentioned for the fauna of Azerbaijan. 9 species of bioecological features of the pest, economic importance and entomophages were studied. 35 species of parasites and herbivores have been found. For the first time, 37 species of xylophobia and 35 species of entomophages destructing forest trees in Azerbaijan have been discovered, of which 7 species of xylophagi and 4 species of entomophagus have been studied.










Names of scientific works





















"1. Azərbaycanda meyvə bitkilərinə zərərverən pulcuqluqqanadlıların parazitləri və onların bioloji mübarizədə istifadə olunma yolları. Bakı ""Elm"", 2004, 236 səh.

2. Azərbaycanın Böyük Qafqaz bölgəsində meşə ağaclarına zərərverən ksilofaqlar və onların təbii düşmənləri. AMEA-nın ""Xəbərlər jurnalı"" N1-6, 1997, Bakı.

3. Биометод как средство борьбы с насекомыми вредителями в Азербайджане. Экология животных, журнал Юг России, № 2, 2013, Махачкала.

4. Bitki mühafizəsində bioloji mübarizə üsulunun persperktivləri. Zooloqlar cəmiyyətinin əsəsrləri, cild 31, № 1, 2013, Bakı.

5. Способ внутриареального переселения агениасписа (Ageniaspis fuscicollis Dalm.) и хищной гусеницы ложной пестрянки (Syntomis phegea L.) в борьбе с яблоневой молью и непарного шелкопряда в Азербайджане. Межд. н.-прак. конф. инновац. техн. для устойч. и безопас. разв. аграр. сектора, 3-4 октября 2013, Грузия, Тбилиси.

6. Опыт использования паразитов для биологического подавления вредных чешу-екрылых в плодовых садах Азербайджана. Межд. н.-прак. конф. инновац. техн. для устойч. и безопас. разв. аграр. сектора, 3-4 октября 2013, Грузия, 3-4 октября 2013, Грузия, Тбилиси.


Membership in scientific, international and foreign countries

Azerbaijan Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, member of scientific council, chairman of Dissertation Council seminar

Pedagogical activity

 ADPU, a lecturer in bachelor and master courses, and chairman of State Examination Committees

Other activity

Editor-in-chief in "News" magazine of ANAS, member of editorial board of "Red Book", editor of scientific works of Zoological Society and Zoology Institute, chairman of "Bilik" and "Entomology" societies



Rewards and prizes


Honorary decrees of the Presidium of ANAS, former Presidents of the USSR and Azerbaijani Bilik societies of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, certificates of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (2013,2014)

Work place and address


Az. 1073, A. Abbaszade Street, passage 1128, block 504, Institute of Zoology of ANAS



Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Head of Laboratory "Introduction of Useful Insects and Scientific Basis of Biological Struggle"


(+994 12) 5103889; (+994 12) 5397339

Mobile tel.


(+994 50) 3781344

Home tel.


(+994 12) 4324245 


(+994 12) 5397353