Place of birth

Sharur district, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of the Azerbaijan Republic


Date of birth


Higher education institution

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute

Scientific degree

Doctor in Biological Sciences

Scientific rank


Candidacy (PhD) thesis theme:



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"The rodents of Azerbaijan (Lepidoptera, Agrotina)" 

Subject of doctoral dissertation:

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"The Sovets of Azerbaijan (Lepidoptera, Noctuida)"

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Main scientific achievements

 Discovered that 724 species of sovets and 84 forms have been spread in Azerbaijan. Of these, 445 species were new to the Soviet fowl of Azerbaijan and 67 to the former USSR territory. 33 of these species are Azerbaijan and 34 species are endemic to the Caucasus. 3 types are new to science. For the first time, these species have studied the distribution, formation, zoogeographic analysis, nutritional relations in natural regions, vertical zones, zones, biotopes, ecological groups in Azerbaijan, studied biological features of harmful species and developed scientific bases for biological struggle against them. For the first time, 61 species have identified the Soviet as damaging to agricultural crops. 21 species of parasites, 12 of which have been found to be frightened by the cotton fever, have found 12 species of predators, and their role in the cotton fields has been determined by the fact that the results of these researches have been applied in farms as a method of integration. The maps covering the degree of propagation of this sovkhay in cotton-growing regions, as well as complex pests of technical and melon plants were compiled. He has compiled 52 rare and endangered species of butterflies for the Red Book of Azerbaijan. He has lectured on various topics in scientific-production conferences organized by the Knowledge Society and the Zoology Institute in 45 regions, and he has repeatedly thanked the former Union and Bilik societies of Azerbaijan for their merits and valuable prizes. For a few years, the Council of Ministers has been deployed for a period of 25-30 days in Terter, Imishli, Beylagan, Saatli, Barda and Sharur districts to help farms closely and to combat cotton fever. The BP team has been compiled by a team of diverse team members throughout the surrounding area along the pipeline from Baku to the Georgian border. One of the authors of the Zoological textbook for 7-8th grades of secondary school, author of 30 articles on entomology in 10 volumes of "Azerbaijan Encyclopedia". He is the main designer of the 2nd volume of the monograph "The World of Animals of Azerbaijan" and author of the articles on several chapters and gangs of zigzags and terms of zoology and entomology in Volume 4 of the Explained Azerbaijani Dictionary. V.A.Dogel is one of the authors who translated into the Azerbaijani language the book "Invertebrates zoology" in the volume of 55 sheets she wrote for universities. He is the author of 3 monographs, 4 books for helping household workers, 3 scientific and public booklets. He is the editor of 9 textbooks, 2 textbooks, 7 monographs and 4 books for high schools. He has lectured on television for 2 years on zoology classes, and he has repeatedly made a presentation on "Human and the Environment" on Radio "Round Table". More than 20 scientific articles on scientific research have been published in "Science and Life" magazine, regional and central newspapers. In 2011-2015, he made 15 speeches on various topics in the section "Azerbaijani Nature" of the radio.










Names of scientific works


1. Azerbaijan's pelicans, Publishing House of Azerbaycan, Baku, 1964, 78 p.

2. "Enemies of enemies, or our friends". Monograph, Red East printing house. Baku, 1995, 127 p.

3. Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Azerbaijan. Monograph, "Elm", Baku, 1984, 227 p.

4. "World of Wonders in Poetry" written in poetry that does not have analogues in the world, Agridağ edition, 2000, 80 p.

5. Grown plants, microorganisms, invertebrates and vertebrates. Monograph, "Ziya" NPM edition, 2011, 253 p.

6. Pupils (Butterflies). "Red Book of Azerbaijan", Chapter VII, Baku, 2013, p.84-189. 

Membership of scientific bodies in republican, international and foreign countries

 1. In 1992-1994 he was elected as a member of Editorial Board of "Science and Life" magazine.

2. Member of the Azerbaijan Entomological Society

3. Member of "Azerbaijan Zoologists" society

4. Member of the Bureau of Agrarian Sciences of ANAS

5. Member of the united scientific council on the theme "Protection of natural and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan" established under ANAS

6. Member of the Scientific Council, Defense Board and Editorial Board

Pedagogical activity

 1. A teacher of biology and chemistry at evening school of the young workers № 4 in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

2. Was a teacher on the subject of entomology at the biological faculty of Baku State University.

Other activity

 S.V. Aliyev has been conducting research in the Zagatala, Ismayilli, Saatli regions and the Shirvan Reserve of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources for three years, and has provided extensive reports on research.



Rewards and prizes


1. Labor Veteran Medal (1986).

2. Memorial badge "Labor veteran" (1989).

3. The IX was awarded the mark and award of the fifth (1976).

4. International George Soros Award and Diploma (1992).

5. Honorary decrees by the Presidium of ANAS for the long-lasting selfless labor in the development of entomological science in the Republic (2000, 2005,2010,2015).

Work place and address


Az. 1073, A. Abbaszade Street, passage 1128, block 504, Institute of Zoology of ANAS



Head of the Laboratory of "Fauna and Systematics of Waters", Head of Entomology Department.


(+994 12) 5397482 

Mobile tel.


(+994 50) 5516667 

Home tel.


(+994 12) 4326942 


(+994 12) 5397353