Place of birth

Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic


Date of birth


Higher education institution

Azerbaijan State University

Scientific degree

Doctor of Biological Sciences

Scientific rank

 Corresponding member of ANAS

Candidacy (PhD) thesis theme:







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"Plankton infusions of Mingechevir, Varvara and Jeyranbatan water reservoirs" 

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"Infusion of fresh water of Azerbaijan"

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Main scientific achievements

 "2 new families of infusions, 12 species and 90 genuis are described for the first time in the sea waters of science (Caspian, Buryat and Chukot, Gulf of Atlantic Ocean), Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in the territories of Azerbaijan, Carpathian Mountains, St Petersburg, Tyan-Shan and Pacific Islands.


For the first time in science, two families, 6 genuis and 32 species of patchwork have been described in sweet waters of Azerbaijan.


Four new cytology methods have been developed to obtain a copyright certificate for one of them. A universal bioindication method has been developed that allows the determination of the degree of contamination of the cellular oil, heavy metals and insecticides in a short time by means of free-flowing infusions. Shortly after that, a single method was developed to increase the accuracy of the results and to determine the degree of toxicity at the cell and population levels in parallel. For the first time, the "cosmopolytsm" theory of the liberated primitive has been proved to be incorrect, and on the basis of its data, the primates are divided into ecological groups and their characteristics have been identified.”



Names of scientific works


Atlas of free-infusion infusions (Kinetofragminophora, Colpodea, Olyogymenophora, Polyhymenophora). "Borchali", 2005, Baku. 310 s Independent infusions of Azerbaijan (ecology, zoogeography, practical significance). Baku, 2012; 520 s

Membership of scientific bodies in republican, international and foreign countries

 " a member of the Editorial Board of 4 Scientific Magazines:

"News" (Biology and Medicine);

News of ANAS Nakhchivan Branch (Series of Nature and Technical Sciences) - Azerbaijan;


"Journal of Applied Environmentat and Biological Science" -India;

«Юг России», экология развитие »- Russia;

"Bulletin of the Innovation Eurasian University" - Kazakhstan.”



Rewards and prizes


2 Honorary Decree of ANAS

Work place and address


Az. 1073, A. Abbaszade Street, passage 1128, block 504, Institute of Zoology of ANAS



Head of Protozoology Laboratory

Work tel.

(+994 12) 5107532; (+994 12) 5397371

Mobile tel.


(+994 50) 3241847 

Home tel.


 (+994 12) 5525023 


(+994 12) 5397353