Elshad Ilyas oglu Ahmadov

Elshad Ahmedov Ilyas

Acting as director


  Place of birth: The Republic of Azerbaijan, Sabirabad c, village Karatogay   
  Date of birth: 10.02.1969
  Higher Education Institution: Baku State University, Department of Biology
Scientific Degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences  
Scientific Rank: Assistant professor
  Title of PhD dissertation:
Specialty Code: 24.29.01
Name of Specialty: Parasitology
Title of the Topic: Study of some parasitologic and albuminous parameters for want of eimeriosis ( Eimeria tenella ) and treatment of the home hens
  Title of the Doctor's Dissertation:  
Specialty Code: 24.29.01
Name of Specialty: Parasitology
Title of the Topic: The main creators of poultry Eimeria (Apicomplexa, Coccidia, Eimeriidae) and mechanism of action of local medicinal plants in combination with coccidiosis drugs against them
  Total Number of Published Works: 77
Number of Scientific Works Printed Abroad: 20
Number of Articles Published in International Journalized Referendums and Indexed Magazines: 6
  Number of Authorship Certificates and Patents: 1
Staff Training:  
Number of PhD Doctors:


Main scientific results: For the first time, applying a complex biochemical and parasitological methods was found protective properties against eimeriosis alkyl derivatives of amino acids  has not been investigated so far in veterinary.

Relying on biochemical indices of the host- animal, survival, weight gain, reproductive parasite, has been substantiated the possibility of using of amino acid derivatives as perspective drugs in the fight against avian coccidiosis.

The method evaluating the effectiveness of anticoccidial drugs, by the number of total protein and several protein fractions has been developed in the blood.

 In chickens with eimeriosis (E.tenella) and its treatment with Baycox and wormwood metabolic changes were detected in amino acids and in enzyme activity and some issues of the biochemical essence of host-parasite relationships theoretically were grounded.

For the first time in the treatment of eimeriosis of the chickens were proposed scheme using a combination with Baycox and wormwood.
Description of scientific works:

Yolçiyev Y.Y., Medetov R.İ., Ahmadov E.İ., Aliyeva F.Z., Алиева Ф.З. Koksidilerin (Apicomplexa, Coccidia) biokimyasal karakerkistiği // XІІІ Ulusal bioloji konqresi. Molekular Bioloji ve Genetik Seksiyonu, İstanbul, 1997. s. 519-526

Ахмедов Э.И.. Гематологические показатели цыплят местных черных пород при экспериментальных эймериозах – Eimeria tenella // Bicниk Запорiзького Нацiонального Унiверсiтету, Бiологiчнi науки, №2, Запорiжжя 2012, с.29-35.

Ахмедов Э.И.. Биохимическая оценка лечебной эффективности байкокса при кокцидиозе цыплят местных черных пород Азербайджана //Вестник Саратовского госаграрногоуниверситета, 2013, №7, c.8-10.

Ахмедов Э.И.. Влияние кокцидиоза на содержание аминокислот в печени цыплят // Вестник Харьковского национального университета имени В.Н. Каразина, серия Биология, Вып. 16, №1035, 2012, с.32-36.

Ахмедов Э.И.Сравнительное исследование активности трансаминаз в крови цыплят, зараженных Eimeriatenella и леченных байкоксом // Вестник Харьковского национального университета имени В.Н. Каразина, серия Биология, Харков. Нац. Уни. Вып. 17, №10 (56), 2013, с.5-9

Ахмедов Э.И. Оценка состояния организма цыплят по биохимическим показателям в период лечения экспериментального эймериоза (Eimeriatenella) //Вестник БГУ. Серия 2. Химия. Биология. География . 2014№ 1, c. 3-11.

Ahmadov E.İ. Dynamics of free amino acids in the serum of chickens for the treatment of experimental eymeriosis (Eimeria tenella) //Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences (JAEBS), 2014. 4(4)1-1, p.118-112.

Member of Republican, International and Foreign Countries Scientific Institutions: Member of the Zoological Society of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Pedagogical Activity: 2000-2013 yy. teacher of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Rewards and Awards: Honorable Mention ANAS
Main Place and Address of Job: Institute of Zoology ANAS, black 504, passage 1128, A.Abbaszade str., Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic
  Position: Acting as director

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