Karimov Tair Arshad

Place of birth

Azerbaijan, Gakh district 

Date of birth

22. 12.1947 


Pedagogical  Institute  named  after  V.Lenin 

Scientific degree

PhD  in  agricultural  science 


Senior   Researcher 

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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31 10.02

Feeding the animals and feed technology

Effect of feeding sodium selenite and vitamin E on reproductive ability, embryonic development and some metabolic parameters in birds. 

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Staff training:     

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Basic scientific achievements

Study of the biology, ecology and numerous species of rare birds, and the ways of their protection in Azerbaijan. 

Names of scientific works

1. Biodiversity pets Azerbaijan (species breed ); staff (scientific ed. Acad. M.A.Musaev ) Baku, Elm 2004 308 .

2. Contemporary state Adzhikabulskogo lake. Baku , 2008, 134 p.

3. Basic Bird Areas Azerbaydzhana ( kingsize and Mal . Caucasus, South ), II t, Baku, 2011.144 p.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations


Pedagogical activity

Kobu high school, Absheron district. 1969-1971 

Other activities

scientific  secretary of the Ornithological Society of Azerbaijan 

Awards and prizes


Main place of work and its address

Institute of Zoology AZE.1073, Baku, block 504, drive 1128 


Senior Researcher Lab.Ornithology Institute  Zoology 

Office phone

(+994 12) 5397371 


(+994 55) 519 62 47 

Home phone

(+994 12) 538 03 06