Aslanov Oktay Khalil oglu

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Baku sity 

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Order of Labour Red Banner Azerbaijan State University named after S.M.Kirov  

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Candidate of biological sciences 


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Fauna and  landscape-biotopical distribution of the predatory mites Prosigmata (Acariformes: Trombidiformes) of the Great Caucasus within Azerbaijan  

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Basic scientific achievements

1 species (Robustocheles hilli), new to Palearctica fauna, 9 families, 2 genera and 68 species new to Caucasus fauna, 2 genera and 11 species new to Greater Caucasus fauna, 8 families, 32 genera and 38 species new to Azerbaijan fauna were recorded by him. For the first time in the world: recorded representatives of- Raphignathoidea (1 female of Tycherobius superbus from family Camerobiiidae) on the vertebrates; the social behavior in mites from superfamily Bdelloidea (Bdellodes montanus and Neomolgus clypeatus belonging to family Bdellidae form net jointly,) was registered; net excretion ability and social behavior of mites from superfamily Eurythraeoidea (the tens of specimens of Fessonia sp. from family Smarididae form cocoon from net then hibernate inside these nets) as registered; biology and ecology of species Bdella taurica, Bdellodes montanus and Neomolgus clypeatus from family Bdellidae was studied. The first time in the Palearctica and the second time in the world: the male of the Cunaxa setirostris (family Cunaxidae) was recorded; predatory actinedids mites were recorded in the flowers of the angiosperms (Bdella muscorum and Anystls baccarum were recorded on the flowers of the angelica and thyme in the subalpine belts of the Greater Caucasus). For the first time in the Caucasus: representatives from families Stigmaeidae, Camerobiidae and Erythraidae were recorded in the vineyards; Gondvana species Storchla robustus (family Stigmaeidae) was recorded; the species formed before the New Zealand separated from Australia; was studied distribution of predatory actinedids in landscape zones, landscapes, vertical belts and biochores. Also these mites were grouped ecologically; the fauna of the actinedids living in the vineyards was studied. 

Names of scientific works

  1. Suborder Trombidiformes. In book: Animal kingdom of Azerbaijan. II. Artropods. Baku, Elm-2004, pages 64-73. 
  2. Аctinedid mites (Acariformes, Actinedida) of vineyards of Azerbaijan. Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology, volume 28, 2006, pages 93-100.
  3. Phitoseiid mites (Parasitiformes: Mesostigmata: Phytoseiidae) of Azerbaijan vineyards. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Biological sciences, 2007, №3-4.  pages 96-101.
  4. Predatory mites (Cheyletidae: Acariformes, Actinedida: Cheyletoidea) of Azerbaijan. Mountainous eciosistems and their components. Proceedings of Intetrnational  conference, 13-18 August, 2007. V. 1. KMK.Moscow.To study of predatory actinedid mites (Acariformes, Actinedida) of Azerbaijan vineyards. Proceedings of the Azerbaijan society of Zoologists. Volume I, Baku, Elm, 2008, pages 210-216.

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Institute of Zoology NAS of Azerbaijan A.Abbaszade street, block 504, passage 1128 


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(+994 12) 5397371 


9+994 51) 9707783 

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(+994 12) 5398198